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Welcome to Southwest Garden!

UPDATE October 11, 2020:

Mark your calendars for our 3rd quarter General Membership Meeting.  Here is a link to the agenda and instructions for attending either in person or via ZOOM virtually.

This is a very important meeting as we will be voting on new Board Members as well as discussing the future of our organization.  We are looking forward to your attendance and involvement!

Previous UPDATE from September 9, 2020:

The following is an update on the Tree Removal Initiative communication previously shared on August 30, 2020 by the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association  from our Alderwoman Annie Rice and NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

Anyone who needs to move their car for the tree cutting happening this week (Week of 9/7/20) can park at the Botanical Gardens overflow lot at Shaw/Vandeventer,and may leave their cars overnight if needed this week only. This specifically will impact Maury Street as both sides need to be cleared to make room for tree cutting trucks and equiptment.

Previous UPDATE From August 30, 2020:

The following notification was set to the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association from our Alderwoman Annie Rice and NEEDS IMMEDIATE ATTENTION.

The city has contracted with a private company (Michael’s Tree Service) to come and do tree removal work that has been backlogged for years through our own Forestry Division. They will be starting their work in the 8th Ward the week of August 31st.  The work is going to be significant, and I’ve been working with Forestry to try and make it as painless as possible, and your input and cooperation is needed.

Our Alderwoman has provided links to two items to guide us through this event. First, is a List of Trees that Forestry has marked with red X’s that are slated for removal.  Second is a Map.

  • If a tree in front of your residence has a red X and you disagree with the decision to remove it, please email the Forestry Department at as early as possible with your name, address, and type of tree so that I can facilitate a meeting with Forestry’s arborists and yourself at the tree so that you can discuss what needs to be done.

  • If a tree near your home does NOT have a red X, but you believe it should be on this list because you’ve previously reported it to CSB as being dead or dangerous, please email the Forestry Department at as soon as possible with your name, address, and type of tree if you know it, so your tree can be added to the list.

  • Tree planting season begins November 1, and if you’d like to request a tree in the tree lawn at your residence, especially if a tree is being removed, please contact the Citizen’s Service Bureau. You can request a type of tree, and Forestry will do everything they can to honor your request if the tree fits the space available and funding is available.

When Michael’s comes through to take down a tree, they have 48 hours to remove the debris from the street, but they are NOT to block driveways or sidewalks. It is going to take up parking space if your street has a large tree removed, but please be patient and allow the crews safe distance to perform the work and this 48 hour window to clean up. If the trees or limbs are blocking these areas, please file a CSB request so we can get it cleared up.

SW Garden is going to have targeted days for removal with coordination with the Botanical Gardens for people in the section just West of the gardens to be able to park in their lot since they’ll have to clear both sides of the street to get the equipment in and trees removed safely. We are also coordinating with Spire as they’re working over there right now too. It is our intention to ensure the contractors pick up trees on the same day in your particularly narrow section of the ward.

Questions should be directed to the Forestry Department at 314/613-7200.

Thank you very much for your cooperation to ensure we have healthy and safe trees in our ward.

Please see our Recent Posts Section for the latest news, events and opportunities.


Southwest Garden Neighborhood Map

Southwest Garden is a large neighborhood just west of the Missouri Botanical Garden. We are located South of I-44, East of Hampton, and west of Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Garden. We are less than 10 minutes from downtown, St. Louis University, Washington University in St. Louis, the primary BJC HealthCare campus, and Forest Park.

Southwest Garden is composed of several diverse sections that include large and gracious private homes, some of the City’s most architecturally significant apartment buildings, as well as tidy bungalows, and Sublette Park, the highest geographical point in the City of St. Louis. Call the Southwest Garden Neighborhood office at (314) 772-6082 for more information, or browse the site to learn more about our neighborhood!

Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association
(SWGNA) is the resident-based volunteer neighborhood association that works for neighborhood improvement. SWGNA’s neighborhood improvement objectives include but not limited to:

  1. Coordinate beautification of neighborhood corridors, gateways and community gardens.
  2. Coordinate block unit organizational meetings and communicate with area public safety officials to abate nuisance properties and criminal activity.
  3. Coordinate with residents on improving the quality of life in the neighborhood.

The association holds four quarterly general membership meetings the fourth Monday of January, April, July and October. The 2020 meeting schedule is:

  Date Time Location Focus
April 27 7:00 PM St. Louis Activity Center, 5602 Arsenal   Membership Meeting
July 27 7:00 PM St. Louis Activity Center, 5602 Arsenal Agenda TBD
October 26 7:00 PM St. Louis Activity Center, 5602 Arsenal Agenda TBD

The doors open at 6:30 PM and the meetings start promptly at 7 PM. You need not be a member to attend, though membership starts at the low price of $6 a year ($10 for Single, $20 for Family, $25 for Business, $6 for Individual 65 and over). Please attend and bring a neighbor or friend as a lot of valuable information is exchanged about the neighborhood and the city. Meeting times and locations will be verified on this website as the date approaches. Major annual activities sponsored by the association:

    • The Annual George and Sandy Grbac Heroes Appreciation Day, T.B.A.
    • Fall Planting Projects, 2nd and 3rd weekends in October
    • Annual Trivia Night,  1st quarter spring

The Communicator is SWGNA’s quarterly newsletter distributed to all neighborhood residents. Residents interested in joining the association may contact our office at (314) 772-6082. Click here for the latest edition of the Communicator. SWGNA Board of Directors The Board of Directors meets monthly to discuss issues concerning neighborhood improvements. Board meetings start at 6:30 PM at the SWGNA office located at 4950 Southwest Avenue, just west of South Kingshighway. Meetings are held monthly on the first Monday of every month, except August.

Office (Term Expiration) Name
President (4/2021) Chuck Fuhry
1st Vice President (4/2020) Jana Scharnhorst
2nd Vice President (4/2021) Julie Sjuts
3rd Vice President (4/2020) Steve Ganassin
Recording Secretary (4/2021) Allen E. Jackson
Corresponding Secretary (4/2020) Open
Treasurer (4/2021) Barbara Beck
1st Member-At-Large (4/2021) Brian Hofmeister
2nd Member-At-Large (4/2020) David Kren
Executive Director (Undefined) Vacant

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