Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association, St. Louis MO

Suggested guidelines for residential development in SWG

Guidelines for Residential DevelopmentOver the past five months, Christopher Rehwoldt, architecture grad from Washington University, has interned with our organization. Christopher has developed a set of suggested guidelines for residential development in our neighborhood. They may be downloaded here.

The Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association’s Suggested Architectural Guidelines for Exterior Facades has been developed to define a set of elements that the Association feels are important in maintaining a cohesive architectural aesthetic throughout the Southwest Garden Neighborhood. With the existing architecture of the neighborhood as a model, the goal of these guidelines is to foster new development and existing building renovation that does not necessarily mimic the surrounding architecture, but compliments it. Using a graduated rating system of Preferred, Acceptable and Discouraged suggestions for architectural features, these guidelines hope to aid in the development of residential properties that are both aesthetically pleasing and economically viable. Please note, these are the Association’s suggested guidelines, and not required building standards.

Consultation for these guidelines was generously provided by:

Steven L. Patterson
Urban Planner

Planning & Urban Design Agency
Cultural Resources Office
1015 Locust Street
St. Louis, MO 63101

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