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Vandeventer improvement information

Construction has finally begun on our Vandeventer streetscape improvements! Below is an outline of the project and a tentative timeline provided by the City of St. Louis’ Board of Public Service. Much of the work is weather dependent.

The contractor has submitted a schedule showing all work complete by January 2011.  This is a fair reflection of how many days it will take to perform the work (approximately 75 days worth of work), but does not take in to consideration lost time due to weather.  The majority of street work (concrete, asphalt, striping, landscaping) is weather-dependant and cannot be done in rain or below freezing temperatures.  A string of wet weather or an extremely cold winter could delay the completion date significantly.  The schedule will be updated as needed to reflect delays due to weather.  If there is an extended shut-down of work during the winter due to cold temperatures, the contractor will be required to fill in holes with rock and take other measures to ensure a safe site.  Barricades and traffic control will be checked regularly and maintained during any shut-down of work.  It should be noted that the contractor has 100 working days to complete the work, which correlates to a mandatory completion date of mid-summer (working days are weather dependent, so there is no hard date I can give for completion).

The contractor will begin demolition of curb and sidewalk on the east side of Vandeventer, starting at Kingshighway and working to Shaw.

After the demolition of the first block, the contractor will reset the curbs, install underground street lighting conduit, pour concrete (sidewalk and drive approaches), and install the pavers.  While this work is being performed, demolition will continue on the next block.  In general, the contractor will be limited to working on approximately three blocks at a time.  Demolition of the fourth block will not be allowed until work on the first block is essentially complete.  Each block should take approximately 3 to 4 weeks from demolition to completion.  Once the contractor reaches Shaw, they will move to the west side of the street and continue back towards Kingshighway.  On the west side between Shaw and Accomac, there is only spot work to allow for new street lighting and tree lawns.  Full replacement of curb and sidewalk resumes from Accomac to Kingshighway.

Sidewalk will be closed when it is demolished and opened back up as it is completed.  Pedestrians will be directed to use the open sidewalk on the opposite side of the street.  Drive approaches will be rocked in after they are demolished so that access to the parking lot is maintained.  The drive approaches will NOT be open the day they are poured, and for approximately 3 to 7 days following the pour, until a minimum strength of concrete has been reached to allow for vehicular traffic.  Any parking lot that has only one drive approach will be inaccessible until the concrete has gained adequate strength to withstand traffic loading.  Parking lots that have two drive approaches will only have one closed at a time, with the other one remaining accessible.

Street lights are scheduled for delivery the first week of January.  The existing street lights will remain in-place and operation until the new lights are installed and working.  During construction of the sidewalk,

5×5 sections (blockout slabs) will not be poured at the locations of the existing street lights and proposed street light locations.

Following the installation of the new pole, or removal of the existing pole, the blockout slabs will be poured.

Landscaping and lane striping will be the last items of work performed.

Landscaping will have to wait until the spring planting season.

Striping can be performed if pavement and ambient temperatures are both above 45 degrees.

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