Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association, St. Louis MO

Email Your Feedback on Kingshighway Streetscape Concepts

The neighborhood association would like to share ideas for a streetscape master plan for Kingshighway, from Southwest Avenue to Arsenal.  The focus is on improving pedestrian and bicycle safety.  The plan involves traffic calming measures and improved pedestrian and bicyclist access.  We want feedback from the residents on the initial plans drafted and to hear your ideas. As opportunities for grants arise, our office wants to be prepared to submit an application.

Concepts include: a) reducing traffic lanes to two lanes in each direction by adding a center turn lane and a protected parking lane on the west / residential side of the street.  b) adding a crosswalk with a pedestrian signal at Reber Place and the entrance to Tower Grove Park.  Review the concept drawings and email with your comments.

With the help of interns Kirsten Pearson, Master of Architecture grad and Yang Xu, an architecture and construction management student at Washington University, initial photographs and concept drawings have been created for prospective improvements to Kingshighway.  Residents on Kingshighway have long complained about excessive speeds, noise, and lack of parking.

Ken Stratman, traffic engineer, has provided input. Noel Fehr, of Planning Design Studio, has volunteered to help with the cost estimates for upcoming grant applications.  Our office has reached out to community organizations surrounding Tower Grove Park, so we can partner on developing a comprehensive plan when applying for grants.  Together we will partner with professionals and students in developing streetscape enhancement plans, creating safer access to our parks and a more pleasant place to live.

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