Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association, St. Louis MO

Fall Newsletter, Meeting Reminder, & Risotto Cookoff

Our Fall Newsletter is now available here.

Please come to our neighborhood meeting on Monday, Oct. 28, 7 pm, at 5602 Arsenal.

Saturday, Oct. 26, 1 pm, The 24th annual Risotto Cookoff Championship will be held at Milo’s Bocce Garden (5201 Wilson at Marconi). Risotto is an Italian rice dish that combined with various ingredients provides discussion for “who makes the best?”. You can help decide by sampling the 8 risottos and casting your ballot for your favorite. Last year, Phil Bruno was selected as “The People’s Choice” and Tony Cataraniccia, of Gian-Tony’s, as “The Judge’s Choice”. Who will be your choice? There will be a five dollar donation collected at the buffet line to benefit The Hill Boys Club Scholarship Fund.

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