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Last Minute Reminder — Membership Drive Party at Sandrina’s Tomorrow Night!

Hello Neighbors,

Just a little “post it!”  Our membership drive party will be held tomorrow evening from 7-9 pm at Sandrina’s Restaurant 5098 Arsenal Street.  Enjoy complimentary buffet and beverages.  Cash bar will be available and there will be a 50/50 raffle, too.  Proceeds to benefit the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association.  Looking forward to be seeing the neighbors!

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With all the unrest in Ferguson and Shaw neighborhood recently, I am inviting you to check out this information from our very own Nancy Hightshoe!

Nancy was one of the first women in the nation to patrol in a one-officer squad car.  Police departments wouldn’t hire women for patrol, until Title VII of the Civil Rights Act passed.  Nancy’s criminal justice professor thought it was a great opportunity for her to be a pioneer!

Nancy will be  at Sandrina’s Wednesday night.  If you have any questions, She would be happy to talk with you about them!  There will be some Personal Safety Alarms available if you’re interested.  They are $14.00 each – and would make an excellent Christmas / Holiday gift.

  • Remember to keep your doors and windows locked.  More than 50% of all home burglaries are through UNLOCKED doors and windows!  One-third of all rapes occur in and around the home.
  • If you have , and especially if you carry, a GUN – carry liability insurance.  Your insurance company may offer the insurance.  If not, the NRA has policies as do several other companies.  It costs about $10/month.  If you use the gun, you could be civilly sued – and it could get VERY expensive!
  •  With the unrest following the Shaw and Ferguson shootings, if there is any similar unrest in the future, remember some criminals will take advantage of the situation to commit crimes!
  • Stay aware of your surroundings
  • If you need to go to an area that tends to have more crime, GO IN THE MORNING!!  Crime is a nighttime job.  Criminals tend to sleep in!

If the opportunity arises, please recommend my seminars to businesses, schools, houses of worship, etc.  My email is:  Web site: .

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