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Neighborhood Safety~

Hello Neighbors;

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Since the release of the grand jury decision our community has experienced quite a reaction some have been peaceful others violent and some incidents have been close to home.  Regardless of our opinions and feelings surrounding the outcome of the decision,  I am certain that we would all agree that we would like to feel safe in our homes, neighborhood and  the regional community.

With the reports of looting, civil disobedience and property destruction throughout the region, I would like to encourage you if you have not already done so to join NEXT DOOR ST. LOUIS.   This is a social media site is for St. Louis City citizens set up through the Board of Alderman President Lewis Reed.

Next Door St. Louis is an excellent tool to post comments, report happenings, post classifieds, recommendations and more.   In short it is a informative neighborhood watch with the power of the internet.  It’s free!  Simply click:

or, cut and paste into your web browser.

We may have the advantage of the internet, but nothing is more important than watching out in and around your neighborhood. As we have done in the past, simply keep your eye out in and around your street.  Report any suspicious activity.

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I am taking the liberty to include helpful numbers normally listed in our newsletter, so it’s at your finger tips.


Neighborhood Assoc., Dir., Kristina Jackson   772-6082

Property Owners Assoc. Pres. Floyd Wright   606-4713

Gardenside Subdivision, Pres. John Nash  664-8177

Housing Corp., Pres. Jim Schriefer  772-6082


Citizens’ Service Bureau (to request City Service)  622-4800

Neighborhood Stabilization Office  622-4628

8th Ward NSO, Michelle Boston-David 657-1358

10th Ward NSO, Mike Flood 657-1360

8th Ward Alderman, Stephen Conway 622-3287

10th WardAlderman, Joseph Vollmer  622-3287


(2nd Dist., W of Kingshighway/ 3rd Dist., E of Kingshighway)

2nd Dist. Public Affairs Officer Don Veile 444-0168

2nd Dist. Problem Properties Ofcr Mike Dempsey 444-0177

3rd Dist. Public Affairs Officer Joseph Calabro 444-0169

3rd Dist. Problem Properties Leonard Whitehead 444-0185

Non-Emergency Requests for Police Response 231-1212

Suspected Gang/Drug Activity (anonymous)241-COPS


Plan ahead  Mark your calendar for  Monday, December 8th for our annual Christmas Open House at the SWGNA office 4950 Southwest Ave. Drop in anytime between  5:30 pm to 8:30 pm for food, drink and holiday cheer!!  Oh by the way, we got a couple loud voices is there a musician out there willing to lead us in Christmas carols???? More details to follow in the next announcement!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I come to my table with a deep abiding sense of gratitude.  I am thankful to be of service to a neighborhood I hold near and dear to my heart.   May your Thanksgiving be peaceful and may there be abundant blessings in your heart and home.

In service and gratitude,

Kristina D. Jackson, M.S.W.


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