HELPFUL TELEPHONE NUMBERS (all numbers 314 area code)



  • Citizen Service Bureau, 622-4800
  • 8th Ward Neighborhood Stabilization Officer Michelle Boston-David, 657-1358
  • 10th Ward Neighborhood Stabilization Officer Mike Flood, 657-1360
  • 8th Ward, Alderman Stephen Conway, 773-4329
  • 10th Ward, Alderman Joe Vollmer, 772-4489
  • 24th Ward, Alderman Scott Ogilvie, 622-3287

2nd District = west of
South Kingshighway

3rd District = east of South Kingshighway

  • 2nd Dist. Public Affairs, P.O. Don Veile, 444-0168
  • 2nd Dist. Problem Properties, P.O. Don Reece, 444-0171
  • 3rd Dist. Public Affairs, P.O. Joseph Calabro, 444-0169
  • 3rd Dist. Problem Properties, P.O. Leonard Whitehead, 444-0185
  • Non-Emergency Requests for Police Response, 231-1212
  • Suspected Drug or Gang Activity Anonymous Tips, 241-COPS or 241-2677

Call the Southwest Garden Neighborhood office at 772-6082 for more information.

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