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The Communicator is the quarterly newsletter from the Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association. The following files are available in Adobe Acrobat format. [important]You will need the free Adobe Reader or equivalent application to view the files.[/important]

Newsletter Issues

Year First Quarter Second Quarter Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
2019   January
2018          January  April  October
2017   January 2017       April                   July
2016  january  may  aug 2016
2015  Jan newsletter 2015  April  july  october
2014 January  April 2014 newsletter  July 2014  oct newsletter 2014pdf
2013  January  April  July October
2012  January  April  July  October
2011  January  April  July  October
2010  January  April  July  October
2009  January  April  July  October
2008  January  April  July  October
2007  January  April  July  October
2006  January  April  July  October
2005  April  July  October
2004  January  April  July
2003  January  April  July  October
2002 July  October

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