Southwest Garden Neighborhood Association

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SWGNA is organized for the following educational and charitable purposes:

  1. Communication

    • Identify problems and recommend solutions

    • Celebrate our successes

    • Collaborate with surrounding neighborhoods

  2. Promote Positive Community Growth

    • Improve our social connection with neighbors

    • Create property and home-owner pride

    • Advance small business

  3. Organize Resources

    • Compile and maintain lists of community resources

    • Operate Committees to advance the organization and solve problems

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Growth & Restructuring Program

In November, 2020 the SWGNA Board started work on a Growth & Restructuring program that will modernize the organization and rebuild membership. Our objective is to update our organization to facilitate growth, transparency, financial stability and community involvement.

The program is a three-phased process:

  1. Organization Infrastructure Development (Completed: Dec 1, 2020)

  2. Strategic Planning (Completed: Mar 15, 2021)

  3. Funding and Financial Management (est. complete: June 1, 2021)

You can find more detailed information on this program HERE.