Growth & Restructuring Program

Phase 1 - Organization Infrastructure Development (COMPLETE)

Duration: Nov 1 - Nov 30, 2020
Chair: Brian Hofmeister
Members: Everyone on the Board

  1. Implement Consolidated Digital Platform

    • Webmail migrated to consolidated system with no maintenance

    • Website migrated and refreshed to system with no maintenance

    • Shared document storage available for Board and Organization information

  2. Define and document Purpose, Roles, Responsibilities, and procedures for:

    • Board positions

    • Committees

  3. Inventory current documentation, assets, processes and data - store within system

  4. Develop electronic review, approval, online voting process

We are currently here.

Committee Chair Responsibilities

  1. Chair presents deliverables to Board during monthly board meeting

  2. Chair meets with board members ad-hoc between board meetings to make ensure alignment prior to monthly board meeting

  3. Chair is responsible for recruitment (if needed)

Phase 2 - Strategic Planning (COMPLETE)

Duration: Dec 1 2020 - March 15, 2021
Chair: Brian Hofmeister
Members: Jana Scharnhorst, Julie Sjuts, Steve Ganassin, James Fister

  1. Develop/Define Mission Statement - COMPLETE

  2. Develop Short Term Goals (Tactical Plan) & 5 Year Strategic Plan - COMPLETE

  3. Review of Constitution and By-laws, recommend amendments (including succession planning) - COMPLETE

  4. Create Framework for operations (who, when, why) - COMPLETE

  5. Solidify why people should want to become members - COMPLETE

Phase 3 - Funding & Financial Management

Duration: March 15 - June 1, 2021
Chair: TBD
Members: TBD

  1. Create short-term (next 12 months) and longer-term plans for financial stability

  2. Create 3 viable operating models for SWGNA finances

  3. Recommend fund raising model with virtual options

  4. Explore Grants

Beyond Phase 3

Once Infrastructure, Strategy, and Funding is solidified in Phases 1-3, we can organize Phases 4+. Those phases will include the development and management of the following committees:

  1. Community Relations & Engagement

  2. Communications

  3. Events

  4. Neighborhood Development

  5. Security

  6. Beautification